Thursday, 23rd Oct 2014
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Life Settlements Funds Limited (LSFL) is an established Fund Manager. We enable you to diversify your investment portfolio into an alternative asset class where the returns are not correlated to events in the stock, bond or property markets. This helps reduce the volatility in your investment, whilst maintaining the potential for a strong return.

As an Investment Manager, the company currently oversees two Funds that invests in the Life Settlements Asset Class.

• Life Settlements Wholesale Fund is a registered managed investment scheme (ARSN 110 346 695) operated as an open-ended unit trust under the regulatory control of the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. The responsible entity of Life Settlements Wholesale Fund is GI Asset Management Limited AFSL 432510, a wholly owned subsidiary of LSFL.  


• Global Insurance Settlements Funds PLC, incorporated in Ireland (number 489049) as an umbrella type investment company with segregated liability between sub-funds authorised pursuant to Part XIII of the Companies Act 1990.

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“One of the fallouts of the global financial crisis was the realisation that many of the more traditional alternative, such as hedge fund of funds, asset classes failed to provide adequate portfolio diversification. We believe investors should continue to investigate the use of investments such as life settlements to gain exposure to real alternative risk premia.”

“Insurance Linked Strategies: Life Settlements”
- Mercer April 2010

Important Announcement

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the notice dated 9th April 2013 sent to members of the scheme on the Intended Change of Responsible Entity from Life Settlements Funds Limited (“LSFL”) to GI Asset Management Limited (“GIAM”), a wholly owned subsidiary of LSFL. Read more.....


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Life Settlements Funds
Limited ABN 57 100 885 505
Australian Financial Services Licence 246630
Life Settlements Wholesale Fund ARSN 110 346 695


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